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  Mould Releasing Chemicals and Compounds
Other than the Roto Moulding grade Granules , Pulvarized Powder , MasterBatch, Plastic water storage tank Lid/Cover and Imported Agglomerated Plastic , we also provide several types of Moulds Relising chemical compounds which are essential in the rotomoulding industry in today’s world.

They helps in increasing one’s production and quality of their product.
Moisture Chemical

This is a special chemical that soaks the moisture of the granules while the manufacturing of Water Tanks which hinders good quality production and is major drawback in rotomoulding industry.
Its main advantages are :

•  Improves Quality
•  Increases Production
•  Soaks Moisture
•  Removes Impurities
Mould Releasing Agent

As specified by the name itself , these are the chemicals which are used to realease the product from the moulds with ease.

This is one of the recent developments over the orthodox ways used earlier.

We have the following type of Mould releasing agents :
•  Imported Germany Mould Releasing agents.
•   Indian – Silicon Grease
•   Silicon Oil
•   Calcium Stearate Powder


We provide special polystic grade paints with permanent stay and are used to imprint name over the Water tanks.

We provide these paints in two colours :

•    White
   •    Golden Yellow
   Our Products List
Roto Recycled Granules
Roto Pulvarized Powder
MasterBatch for Rotomoulding
Plastic Water Tank Lid/Covers
Imported Agglomerated plastic

Mould Releasing Chemicals and Compounds

Recycled HD Blow, PP, ABS , PC Granules and others.
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