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HD Blow :

We are manufacturer and suppliers of wide range of Recycled HD Blow Granules in various colours which have several application in the field of plastic such as :

• Blue Drum
• HD Pipe
• Jerrycanes
• Toys

Polypropylene (PP):

We are manufacturer and suppliers of wide range of Recycled PP Granules which have varied applications as follow :

• PP RAFIA : Used for manufacturing PP Chair
• PP Film
• PP Injection Moulding – Used for Household and Industrial Goods.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS):

We are suppliers of Recycled ABS Granules which also have wide application in today’s world.
We provide various colours as per the requirement.
Applications :
     • Air Cooler Body
     • Electrical Equipments like : Mixer , Grinder etc.

PolyCarbonate (PC):

We supply Recycled PolyCarbonate plastic granules/flakes. PC application are increasing

Application :
   • Glass of electrical meter box
   • Glass of car head lights
   • PC Domes

   Our Products List
Roto Recycled Granules
Roto Pulvarized Powder
MasterBatch for Rotomoulding
Plastic Water Tank Lid/Covers
Imported Agglomerated plastic

Mould Releasing Chemicals and Compounds

Recycled HD Blow, PP, ABS , PC Granules and others.
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