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  Agglomerate Plastic :

We are one of the largest producers of the Imported Agglomerated plastic in India with a production of 15000 M.T.

We have special licence to import plastic scrap available only to a few businessman’s in India.

This Imported Agglomerated plastic has a wide range of application and can be used for the production of Plastic water storage tanks , LD Pipe , LD/LL Film(s) , Eva Sheets , Canvas (plastic sheets)  and various other applications for products with

Also, We produce special Roto grade agglomerated plastic for the Roto moulding Industry.

We import from various Countries like :
• Canada
• Europe
• Germany
• Australia
• Belgium etc.
Agglomerated plastic can be used in :
• Plastic Water Storage Tanks
• LD Pipe
• LD/LL Film
• Eva Sheets
• Canvas (Plastic Sheets)
• Other applications for Products with LD/ LL / HDPE / PP Base
   Our Products List
Roto Recycled Granules
Roto Pulvarized Powder
MasterBatch for Rotomoulding
Plastic Water Tank Lid/Covers
Imported Agglomerated plastic

Mould Releasing Chemicals and Compounds

Recycled HD Blow, PP, ABS , PC Granules and others.
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